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Rack-em-up is a Live Music venue
specialising in parties and functions
that enjoy quality local bands.


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Awesome Party Tips:

These are the things which Rack-em-up has noticed are common to all the best parties we have hosted.

  • Music Selection

    is always either a big winner or a big issue at any party. Pleasing everyone at your party can be a challenge. Just about everyone loves Live Music. DJ's with a good mix of tunes are also valuable. At Rack-em-up on a Friday or Saturday night you get both! Quality Local Bands punctuated with DJ music between sets & after the bands finish.
  • Social Mixer

    Whether it is a quiet work party or a mega birthday party, it is always better if there is a social activity for your guests to participate in, something which helps people come out of their shells and talk to other party guests which they may or may not know. At Rack-em-up we have pool tables - which are an excellent social activity, which just about everyone enjoys no matter what their skill level might be.
  • Photos

    Having a photographer take photos during your party is a great way to capture the event forever. Posting these on social media is quite common and a great way to remember the fun that was had. At Rack-em-up there will normally be a photographer running around taking photos free of charge & posting these on the Rack-em-up page on Facebook. You can then tag all your friends and post the photos on your own pages.
  • Bigger is better

    Most people do not have a million best friends who will all show up to their party. By holding your party where there are other people also, your party will appear bigger and better. At Rack-em-up you can have your own party zone within the venue which offers the perfect mix of seperation while being part of the whole.
  • Costume Parties

    are always a big hit, especially when everyone participates. Photos from a costume party always look amazing. At Rack-em-up we regularly host theme nights & they are usually a big hit. Some of our best parties are where everyone goes all out with fancy costumes & it really adds to the fun party atmosphere. People talk about great costume parties for years afterwards.

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