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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Rack-em-up Pool Hall & Bar


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  • How close to public transport?

    We are close enough to the Lilydale train station to hear their announcements! A two minute walk at most. The train satation also a big bus terminal and taxi rank. We can order a taxi for you if you wish, just ask for a taxi at the bar.
    Lilydale Train Timetables
  • When are you open?

    Open 11am - 1am     7 days per week.
    We sometimes open up earlier for special events.
  • Are Underages welcome?

    Rack-em-up's Policy on Underage Patrons
    and Underage Policy Explained
  • Table Hire and Entry Fees?

    At Rack-em-up we charge one very low flat per table hire fee & you can play as long as you like until close. Not by the hour. Not per game. Not per person. Just one flat up front per table fee.

    The day rate, on any day prior to 6pm,
    is $10 per table all day (with free venue entry).

    The night rate, from 6pm to 1am, is $15 per table hired (with free venue entry) every day excluding Friday nights.

    Friday nights we have live local original bands, which means $10 entry per person and the table hire is free!
  • Can I get a job here?

    Send your resume to
    Must have RSA, excellent customer service
    + marketing and promotion experience.
  • How long has Rack-em-up existed?

    Rack-em-up was officially opened on 4/7/1994.
    Prior to that it was a mini-golf venue & prior to that it was a factory producing shoes.
  • What is not at Rack-em-up?

    There are no Poker Machines, no TAB & no smoke machine.
  • Payment Facilities?

    We accept Cash and EFTPos & there is an ATM here too.
  • Food Options?

    Rack-em-up does have potato chips & chocolate bars. We do not have hot food or sit down meals.
    Rack-em-up does allow food to be brought into the venue (but not drinks of any kind, even water, due to liquor laws).
  • Can my band get a Gig here?

    To request a gig at Rack-em-up, please go to the Band Enquiry page and complete the form.
  • How many tables?

    Rack-em-up has:
    - 18x 7 foot tables
    - 3x 8 foot tables
    - 2x Snooker tables.
    With 23 tables available, you will nearly always be able to get a table here! No need to challenge someone just to get onto a table...
  • How big is Rack-em-up?

    Rack-em-up is much bigger than most people think, especially if you have just seen the front of the venue from outside & have not yet come inside. When inside you will notice it is a long rectangle shape. The area of the public space inside Rack-em-up is roughly 600 square meters.
    The licenced capacity of Rack-em-up is 797 patrons. By way of comparison - the two nearest pool halls have licenced capacities of 400 patrons (Bundoora) & 190 patrons (Dandenong), or perhaps you know the three late night venues in Ringwood which have licenced capacities for 620, 450 & 100 patrons. With a licenced capacity of 797 patrons, Rack-em-up is so much bigger than most people think.
  • How rough is Rack-em-up?

    Not at all. Some people assume that because Rack-em-up is a pool hall that it must be full of undesirable people & activities. The reality is quite different. Rack-em-up does not experience anywhere near the same level of issues found in many other venues. This is partly because we do not over serve & mostly because the majority of our customers are well behaved. The atmosphere at Rack-em-up is a happy relaxed vibe. You can relax and feel safe when you are at Rack-em-up.

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