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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Rack-em-up Pool Hall & Bar


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  • How close to public transport?

    We are close enough to the Lilydale train station to hear their announcements! A two minute walk at most. The train satation also a big bus terminal and taxi rank. We can order a taxi for you if you wish, just ask for a taxi at the bar.
    Lilydale Train Timetables
  • When are you open?

    6am - 1am,   7 days
    Cafe during the day.
    Pool Hall & Bar during the night.
  • Are Underages welcome?

    Rack-em-up's Policy on Underage Patrons
    and Underage Policy Explained
  • Table Hire and Entry Fees?

    Most venues charge for pool either by the hour or per game. Rack-em-up does not do this. We don't want you watching the clock and worrying if you have enough money to pay the bill. Instead we charge one $10 per person flat rate up front & you can play as long as you like until close.

  • Cafe during the day. Pool Hall & Bar at night.
  • 6am - 6pm: Entry is free. $10 per person only if you wish to play pool. Alcohol only after 9am.
  • 6pm - 1am: $10 per person entry for everyone, which includes unlimited pool table hire.
  • Can I get a job here?

    Send your resume to
    Must have RSA, excellent customer service
    + marketing and promotion experience.
  • How long has Rack-em-up existed?

    Rack-em-up was officially opened on 4/7/1994.
    Prior to that it was a mini-golf venue & prior to that it was a factory producing shoes.
  • What is not at Rack-em-up?

    There are no Poker Machines, no TAB & no cigarette machine.
  • Payment Facilities?

    We accept Cash and EFTPos & there is an ATM here too.
  • Food Options?

    Rack-em-up does have potato chips & chocolate bars. We now have hot food also, such as pies and jumbo sausage rolls. More to come in this space shortly.
  • Can my band get a Gig here?

    To request a gig at Rack-em-up, please go to the Band Enquiry page and complete the form.
  • How many tables?

    Rack-em-up has:
    - 17x 7 foot tables
    - 3x 8 foot tables
    - 2x Snooker tables.
    With 22 tables available, you will nearly always be able to get a table here! No need to challenge someone just to get onto a table...
  • How big is Rack-em-up?

    Rack-em-up is much bigger than most people think, especially if you have just seen the front of the venue from outside & have not yet come inside. When inside you will notice it is a long rectangle shape. The area of the public space inside Rack-em-up is roughly 600 square meters.
    The licenced capacity of Rack-em-up is 797 patrons. By way of comparison - the two nearest pool halls have licenced capacities of 400 patrons (Bundoora) & 190 patrons (Dandenong), or perhaps you know the three late night venues in Ringwood which have licenced capacities for 620, 450 & 100 patrons. With a licenced capacity of 797 patrons, Rack-em-up is so much bigger than most people think.
  • How rough is Rack-em-up?

    Not at all. Some people assume that because Rack-em-up is a pool hall that it must be full of undesirable people & activities. The reality is quite different. Rack-em-up does not experience anywhere near the same level of issues found in many other venues. This is partly because we do not over serve & mostly because the majority of our customers are well behaved. The atmosphere at Rack-em-up is a happy relaxed vibe. You can relax and feel safe when you are at Rack-em-up.

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